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Every student is expected to be on time and present each day school is open during the school year. Regular attendance is essential if a student is to make use of the educational opportunities the school offers. Parents are solely responsible for their children’s regular school attendance.  

If a student is absent from school, it is the student’s responsibility to make up work missed during this time period. If a student misses more than one day, the parent may contact the school to collect information about assignments missed.  Students who miss school for three (3) consecutive school days will need to provide a note from a doctor.  Teachers must be given a full day to prepare missing assignment packets. Same day requests may not be honored. For making up work, students will have the same number of days they missed plus one day for completion.  

Reporting Absences

When a child is going to be absent, please promptly report the absence to the school.

Email [email protected]

Your email message should include the child’s full name, the date of the absence and the reason for the absence.  

Excused & Unexcused Absences

Only the school principal or the dean of students is authorized to excuse an absence. 


1. Illness of student

2. Illness of an immediate family member 

3. Death in the immediate family

4. Religious holidays of the students own faith

5. Required court appearance or subpoena

6. Scheduled medical or dental appointment

7. Students having, or suspected of having, a communicable disease which can be transmitted are to be excluded from school and are not allowed to return to school until they no longer present a health hazard—24 hours fever free.


1. Absences not excused as defined in the previous section, are considered unexcused. 

2. Reported absences (by phone, email or written note) that do not include a reason for the absence 


Students are expected to arrive on time each day and remain for the full school day.

Arriving to school after 7:40 am is considered tardy.  Early dismissals from school (leaving before 2:20 pm) are also classified as tardies.  


Students shall be counted in attendance if they are actually present at school at the time the attendance is taken or are away from school on a school day and engaged in an educational activity that constitutes a part of the school-approved instructional program for the student (Section 1003.23, Florida Statutes).

Attendance Standard

All students are expected to be on time and present each day school is open during the school year.

Students may not be absent from school without permission of the principal/designee.

  • The school principal or designee is the only person authorized to excuse a student's absence.
  • A note from a parent/guardian is a request that a student's absence be excused.
  • When a student accumulates an excessive number of absences (5 days in a calendar month or 10 days within 90 calendar days) and additional absences occur which are caused by illness, a written statement from a physician verifying that the absence was caused by an illness may be required by the principal to be submitted by the parent/guardian (School Board Policy 4.16).

Habitual tardiness is defined as six (6) or more tardies to school or to an individual class per quarter.

For enforcement of compulsory school attendance, three unexcused tardies or unexcused early sign-outs may, at the discretion of the school principal, be considered equal to one day of absence.