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Dress Code - Vendor Details Located at Bottom of This Page

Our school believes that students need to dress in a professional manner, like they are coming to work. Our uniforms are easy on the budget, and consist of purple, gray, and black polo shirts with our school logo, and khaki, navy or black uniform bottoms in a variety of styles, (not stretch pants, tight fitting joggers or yoga pants) that can be purchased at many stores.  Please reference the student handbook (code of conduct) for specific details on student dress code and below for a more detailed description of the Uniform policy. 

All students are required to wear the Oasis logo shirts or spirit wear shirts.

SALLEE PROMOTIONS is the only approved uniform vendor for Oasis Schools.  Uniforms should not be purchased from any other vendor, as the exact colors and embroidery may not be correct.

SALLEE PROMOTIONS also gives back to Oasis Middle.  A significant percentage of all sales are donated back to Oasis Middle.

Sallee Promotions



Shirts: Polo’s* with OMS logo (see below for approved vendors).  Shirts may be purple, gray, or black.  Our approved vendors will provide you with the correct colors.

Pants: Navy blue, black or khaki uniform pants.  Jeans are permitted - no rips, tears, or holes. Pants should be worn at natural waist, no sagging. Capri length is acceptable. NO YOGA/tight fitting stretchy bottoms or sweatpants with or without pockets or belt loops is acceptable. NO Lycra or Spandex.

Shorts: Navy blue, black or khaki uniform/cargo shorts (denim is not permitted). Pants should be worn at natural waist, no sagging. Navy blue, black or khaki uniform skorts. The hem of shorts/skorts MUST be no more than 3" above the center of the knee, both in front and in the back.  Skirts are NOT acceptable.

Shoes: Closed-toed shoes, preferably sneakers. No boots or slippers.

Belts: Must be worn at the waist.

Oasis High School polo shirts, hoodies, pullovers, sweatshirts, etc. are not allowed – students must only wear OMS gear.


OMS pullover/zip-up sweatshirts ONLY. These can be purchased through the approved vendor on the website. STUDENTS MUST wear OMS logo collared polo under the OMS sweatshirt.  Colors must be black, gray, purple, green, or pink.

Physical Education Uniforms:

OMS gym shirt/spirit shirt (can be purchased on MySchoolBucks) or solid colored t-shirt.  Solid color athletic shorts (finger-tip length or longer) - no spandex or biker shorts.  Leggings may be worn.

Tennis shoes

Items not considered part of the Uniform Policy:

Students will be permitted to wear nail polish as long as it is not a distraction. Hair color should be that of a natural hair color.  Jewelry should be limited to an appropriate necklaces, single bracelet, rings or earrings.  Hoop earrings should be no larger than the size of a quarter.  Adornments that, in the principal’s judgment could cause injury, be a safety risk or cause a disruption to the school environment may not be worn.  Examples of prohibited adornments include, but are not limited to, hoops or rings attached to the nose, eyebrow, cheeks or lips.  Large or distracting jewelry is not allowed. Holes in jeans are not allowed.

*Shirts need to fall right below the waist line. Shirts that are considered too long will need to be tucked in. The bottom two buttons on the polo need to be buttoned. Undershirts should not be visible at the neck, sleeves or hemline. Failure to comply will result in a dress code violation.

Final authority in dress code rests with Administration.