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Mental Health Information

Why is mental health important to education?

Mental health is directly related to children’s learning and development. It encompasses or intersects with interpersonal relationships, social-emotional skills, behavior, learning, academic motivation, certain disabilities, mental illness, crisis prevention and response, school safety and substance abuse. Each of these issues affects not only the success and well-being of the individual student but also the school climate and outcomes for all students.


What are school-based mental health services?

School-based mental health services include a broad spectrum of assessment, prevention, intervention, postvention, counseling, consultation, and referral activities and services. These services are essential to a school’s ability to ensure a safe and healthy learning environment for all students, address classroom behavior and discipline, promote students’ academic success, prevent and respond to crisis, support students’ social-emotional needs, identify and respond to a serious mental health problem, and support and partner with at-risk families. Ideally, school-based services dovetail with community-based services so that children and youth receive the support they need in a seamless, coordinated, and comprehensive system of care.

Here at OMS, we have a full time school counselor, and a social worker.  They are both able to assist with any situation involving students and their mental health well-being.

School Counselor - Amanda Kendrick - [email protected]

Social Worker - Tiffany Corbin - [email protected]


School Mental Health Teams

Our school mental health team (SMHT) is a multi-disciplinary team that will meet regularly to discuss students that have been identified with social-emotional or mental health concerns. The team uses data-based decision making to support student mental health through selective and indicated interventions. Well-functioning school mental health teams facilitate the maximum impact of a comprehensive school mental health system. They serve as the organizing structure for a tiered system of school mental health supports and services. High functioning teams capitalize on the multi-disciplinary resources within a school and community to achieve the greatest outcomes for students, families, and the school community.

Resiliency Education

Oasis Middle uses Suite360 to provide resiliency education to students.

The topics being taught to students this school year through the Suite 360 program:

Legally, students may not be present in a school in session without


Deciding when to keep your child home from school can be difficult. This guideline will help you decide when a child is sick and needs to stay at home. Parents should contact the school and describe the illness and symptoms. If a medical provider makes a specific diagnosis (such as strep throat, conjunctivitis or chicken pox), let school staff know.